Private Lessons

Personal volleyball training sessions for 1-4 players, customized with specific skills by our coach.

  • Sessions for 1-4 Players
  • High Repetition, Personal Feedback
  • Lessons Available for:
    • Elementary ( Grades 2-5)
    • Middle School (Grades 6-8)
    • High School (Grades 9-12)

*Please note that private lessons are dependent upon gym and coach availability. Certain times of the year will have more availability than others.


To book your private volleyball lesson, you must have a “Crush Card Membership”.


iCrush Private Lesson

Training | 9-16 years old


Days of Class

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Incredible Crush Volleyball

Group Session
Up to four players and a coach. Players grouped to enhance complementary skills (preferred): setter and hitters, passers and setter, hitters and defenders, blocking, etc. Little fatigue means high quality repetitions, also game-like visualization benefits, and value of camaraderie.  Lowest individual focus, lowest amount of repetitions, lowest personal cost.

Individual (Private) Lesson
The player is by herself with a coach. High quantity of repetition,
individual one-on-one focus means personalized instruction and attention.
Excellent for setters.  Players with beginning to moderate skills in passing, serving, and hitting fundamentals.  Highest individual focus, highest repetitions (which may cause fatigue), highest cost per player, lowest game-like visualization.

Two-Person Session
Two players and a coach.  Players are paired in ways that will enhance both the quality of repetition and the ability of the coach to teach complementary or comparable skills. Suggested pairings are setter with a hitter, hitter with a libero/DS, or two players of the same position.  There is some value in visualization also, watching the other player attempt the given skills.  Shared individual focus, shared repetitions, lower cost per player.

Benefits of Private Lessons

Restore Confidence: Private volleyball lessons really give a player the extra attention to fine tune their talents and skills, while turning weaknesses into strong points. One-on-one private coaching increases an athlete’s ability to reach their full potential, while targeting weaker areas on the court, and improving those areas by targeting a plan specifically made for the player.

Prepare For School Teams: Maintain your skill level and keep your body in tip top shape for the time that your school’s volleyball season comes around. Our coaches provide inspiration and motivation that not only push players, but also help instill confidence in their game. When returning to your school’s volleyball team, you will be more than ready when you hit the court for practice, but also for your games!

Position: With the various positions found in volleyball, every player is trained differently, based on their position on the court. Not only is every player different, due to their own strengths and weakness, but each position varies. By combining training for both the player’s individual talents + fine tuning their position on the court, our private volleyball lessons are perfectly catered to give you the highest increase in your game