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How To Make The Team…

Get in the Gym - Meet Coaches

Over the course of the summer, we have lots of club-level training opportunities for you.  Now that signing dates have been moved up, it’s really important you do the following.


  1. Attend Pre Tryout Evaluations – Every Thursday Starting May 26th
  2. Attend Club Prep Academy – Classes Sun, Mon, and Wed
  3. Let the coach know you want to BeIncredible!

Tryouts Start July 9th & 10th

July 9th and 10th

  • Incoming 11U & 12U @ 9:00AM-11:00AM
  • Incoming 13U & 14U @ 11:00AM- 1PM
  • Incoming 15U & 16U @ 3:00 – 5PM
  • Incoming 17U & 18U @ 5:15 – 7:15

Acceptance day, July 12th

Remaining roster spots filled on July 11th-18th by appointment

Bring this form with you


Things to Know

We participate in USAV tournaments throughout the DFW metroplex.

Your athlete will participate in the age group that corresponds with their age on June 30, 2023 – Age definitions HERE

If you have never played club with NTR, you must register with OCS prior to tryout HERE

If you have played NTR, confirm you will receive emails from OCS HERE

Team Breakdown

National Teams

  • Black  – For players strongly considering playing college volleyball. Minimum Team Practice  2x  week + Positional Training. 3-4 National Qualifier Tournaments – Heavy Travel. 8-10 total tournaments
  • Orange – Focused on making varsity team and considering college volleyball. Same commitment level as Black team. 2 National Qualifiers.8-10 total tournaments

Regional Teams

  • White – 8-9 Tournaments, 1 Local National Qualifier.


Crush Teams

11U Black – Coach Claire

12U Black- Coach Gio 

13U Black- Coach Katie

14U Black – Coach Derrick 

15U Black – Coach Lexus

15 Orange – Coach Wendy

16U Black – Coach Drew

16U Orange – Coach HK

17U Black- Coach Derrick

17U Orange – TBD

18U Black – Coach Brandon


Crush Teams

1oU Orange Coach Gio

11U White – Coach Claire

12U White- Coach TBD 

13U White- Coach TBD

14U White- Coach Dary



12 – Coach Brandon

13 – Coach Arther